non-pizza recipes for leftover pizza dough

My go-to homemade pizza dough yields enough pizza dough for five personal sized pizzas. The dough recipe is a riff on “Overnight Pizza Dough with Poolish” from Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza by Ken Forkish. Joe and I cannot eat all five pizzas in one sitting, and there is usually one sad portion of dough leftover. Inspired by that leftover dough baby, I created three non-pizza recipes for leftover pizza dough.


Q&A with Pizza Enthusiast, Scott Wiener

I called Scott on a Monday evening to talk pizza. Scott has one of those voices that immediately puts his audience at ease. He is witty and open to all styles of pizza as long as the pizza tastes good!



Ocean City welcomes families to the clean beaches and historic boardwalk, and is home to the iconic Manco and Manco Pizzeria. Manco and Manco is known for their signature thin-crust plain pie.


The day before thanksgiving is for pizza, or panz

A culinary explosion of toppling dish piles and sticky pecan pie handprints invade my kitchen on that dreaded Wednesday night. Joe, my bubs, will timidly approach the kitchen around 5 p.m. to ask, “What are we having for dinner?” The pulsing vein in my forehead answers, and he retreats from the kitchen to call our local pizzeria…